About Us

We're Gun Guys

Straight to the point, we LOVE guns and we want to do our part to spread the joy.  The smell of burnt powder and seeing piles of empty brass on the ground make us smile bigger than a kid who just got an ice cream cone. We love it all - busting skeet, plinking with the old 22 rifle; doing a run and gun in a tactical match, sneaking out to the woods to hunt, or sending a 50 BMG down range.

Our Passion

Our passion is NFA - we want to put a suppressor on everything; including your guns.  There are many misconceptions when it comes to buying suppressors and other NFA weapons - we can walk you through the process to show you how simple it can be.    


We are committed to answering your questions quickly and honestly - we want you to find the right firearm for you and your needs; regardless of where you buy it. 

What we do

Need an FFL transfer?

We make it easy to transfer your firearm. We are  a Type 01 FFL/SOT,  handling title 1 and NFA transfers. 

Looking for something special?

We work with several distributors and manufacturers to offer a great selection.  Send us an email for a custom quote.